Therapy and Coaching

Explore how symptoms are a key for gaining insight through circumstances and struggles.  Learn how to use this insight for better connection, communication, and future planning.


Recognize choices, learn what to do and how to practice skills for stress management, energy and mood regulation, and reconnecting sense awareness after chronic illness, bad habits and traumatic experiences.


Grow aware of the simple process that may be undermining your success in relationships and interactions with others. Then you can decide if you want to make a change.


Build confidence while taking small, healthy risks for growth towards change. Get reinforcement and suggestions.


The practice of Yoga can be a metaphorical playground for awareness, acceptance, awakening, expression, and release of archetypes. Yoga therapy groups are both insight and practice oriented for building capacity for readiness to be Here/Now.


Goal setting is not for results!! It is for training. Goals are meant to be guideposts and stepping stones on your path.  Move forward, look back, or pause to gather strength and momentum. If you need assistance with short term problem solving, I am here for you. For future orientation, I can assist you with learning to locate and trust your inner compass. This is when therapy is most helpful.

About Angelique

What I bring to my work is years of learning from life experience combined with years of formal education and training. Although my theoretical approach is not set in stone, I am professionally committed to a code of ethics and a manner of positive regard.  Simply put, when you work with me, we work together for a healthy “you”.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with additional Master degrees in Public Health and Education.


I welcome working with people from ages 14 through late adulthood. Sexual orientation is not an issue for me. All religious, spiritual, and naturalists are welcomed.

I welcome those who are struggling with deeply personal life changes such as growing up/away from family expectations, issues regarding sexual orientation, religious conflict/doubt, new medical issues, relationship difficulties, grief/loss, transitions and unhealthy habits.

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