Therapy for one person, two people, a family or a group. Explore how symptoms are a key for gaining insight in the struggle.  Learn how to use this insight for better connection and communication.


Learn skills and practice for stress management, energy regulation, and reconnecting sensation after illness and trauma…from yoga, mindfulness, and authentic movement.


Engage in new habits, building confidence, overcoming shyness, recovery, making a life change and activating a future vision. Tap into your inherent power.

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When things happen to us, an opportunity is presented to learn something new or gain a different perspective. We can "make things happen" and move forward. This ultimately is our choice. We all have the capacity for "resilience" and the more we develop it, the better our life experience.

Finding balance is only a part of the solution. Life is complex. Having a safe zone to work through our challenges can be meaningful. This can be accomplished at any age. It can be done. Others have done it. You can, too.
My goal is to support you with learning meaningful, lasting skills, when you are ready to take the steps.

Angelique De Nofa, LCSW, MPH, E-RYT 500


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About Angelique

What I bring to my work is years of learning from life experience combined with years of formal education and training. Although my theoretical approach is not set in stone, I am professionally committed to a code of ethics and a manner of positive regard.  Simply put, when you work with me, we work together for a healthy “you”.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with additional Master degrees in Public Health and Education.


I welcome working with people from ages 14 through late adulthood. Sexual orientation is not an issue for me. All religious, spiritual, and naturalists are welcomed.

I welcome those who are struggling with deeply personal life changes such as growing up/away from family expectations, issues regarding sexual orientation, religious conflict/doubt, new medical issues, relationship difficulties, grief/loss, transitions and unhealthy habits.

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